Monday, June 26, 2006


Met Claudia today. Nice lady.

Seems she is a resident at a residential care facility here. She’s been here only a week or two, the result of moving here with her daughters. They had moved here for work and asked if she wanted to move with them. She did.

One of Claudia’s daughters had called the church office, wanting someone to visit her mother. I happened to be there harassing our Youth Intern as he worked on the new webpage and our office administrator gave me the message. I’m glad she did.

Claudia is a talkative and relatively energetic lady. She’s in a wheel chair because apparently she tends to black out without warning. She sees the wisdom in using the chair, although I get the impression that given the chance, she’d just as soon take a relaxing stroll outside.

After assuring Claudia that we’d have folks come and talk, bring her communion, and a congregational bulletin, I asked if she’d like to attend services at the church. She was concerned about not having a dress to wear. You see, living most of your days in a wheel chair makes slacks and blouses easier. And so she doesn’t have a dress, or least an appropriate one, for church. Another concern was the imposition that having someone pick her up would be on whoever that might be. What with the wheel chair and all.

One doesn’t want to be a bother, you know.

I told her she could wear whatever she wants; we won’t care. And that we had more than a few folks who would be willing to pick her up and stay with her for services. If she wanted to come, we’d make it happen.

Claudia is a life-long member of our church. She’s familiar with our more conservative groups, but I don’t think she leans their direction too much.

I hope to be like Claudia one of these days. Oh, I don’t know that I want a wheel chair, or to black out if I stand up too long, but her commitment to the family of God, a desire to have human interaction, and concern about others’ scruples are wonderful.


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