Sunday, December 14, 2008

Prayer for a Newborn

Our great God, our Creator, the giver and sustainer of Life. We praise you for this miracle we have received today.

As Violet Grace takes her first breaths, we ask you to breathe on her; give her your Spirit. Infuse her with a desire for you, give her wisdom to discern you in herself, in others, and in the Creation. Give her the strength to follow You, and patience and compassion with those who do not know you, or who have not discerned you as she has.

Give her patience with herself and teach her to wait on You. Give her a desire for a simple life, lived quietly in trust with You.

Father, as we remember the coming of Your Son, we ask that You incarnate Yourself in Violet; that You nurture and grow her to be a living witness of Your grace in this life.

Keep her safe, bless her and her parents beyond their imaginations, and give them long lives and great wisdom.

We trust You, and rely on Your steadfast love.

Thank you for Your Son, and in His name we offer Violet to You.


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