Sunday, May 07, 2006

Pepperdine 2006

Last week's Pepperdine Lectures trip was another enjoyable and rewarding trip. Classes were great (Cope, Shelley, Anderson, Beam, Walling, et al.), and the key notes were pretty good too. Weather was a bit of a downer the first part of the week - overcast and rather cold for southern California, but the last couple or three days were as expected - sunny and warm with just a slight breeze to cool it down a bit.

Ate way too much at our evening group meals. Fresh fish is great, but too much of it will add a few pounds and inches - especially when paired with creamy crab and shrimp sauces. By the end of the week I had reverted to my now regular habit of hitting some morning classes, buying some books, eating lunch on the university plaza, and talking to folks. Hit a couple afternoon classes, but generally the conversation, sun, and flowing Coke and tea were enough to keep me on the plaza until dinner time.

Bought just a few books, mostly from some of the speakers - autographed of course (Tippens, Olbricht, Spivey, and Beam). Also bought Rochester's series book "Preaching the Eighth Century Prophets." Since I'm partial to Amos and Micah, I'm looking forward to reading through that one. Has a chapter by Marrs which is bound to be good reading.

Back to work tomorrow. Hope you all have a great week!


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