Monday, December 05, 2005

Eating in Albuquerque

Went to Papa Felipe's restaurant yesterday for lunch. I understand that Papa's is run by a family that used to work with the Garduno's family. Garduno's has grown and has multiple sites around the city and they enjoy a good reputation.

Papa's family apparently doesn't have the marketing desire and they're still in one location. However, the food at Papa's fits my palette better, if one meal can be used to determine that.

I had the three-carne adovada enchiladas plate and was impressed with the flavor and the quality of the food. The carne was tender, but not mushy, the red chile flavorful but not over-powering. The tortillas were tender and not too dry. In addition, there wasn't too much chile spread over the plate, so that I could see the food and taste it through the chile.

The food seemed to be more authentic as compared to Garduno's which has become a bit too commercial for me. Papa's was a treat and the service was great.

We'll go back on a regular basis. If you want to try it out, Papa's is on the south side of Menaul, just east of Eubank.

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