Thursday, January 27, 2005

Thursday Afternoon 27 January 2005

Started a Couple's Class at church a couple weeks ago; my wife and I, with another couple. We're using a mixture of media with a video series by the Parrotts as the core. Started well and last night the group had grown to around 18. A nice sized group for discussion and group development. After this iteration is over, may want to morph it into a Saturday a.m. group/class and take a couple hours to get things done.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Monday Evening 24 January 2005

Am reading N.T. Wright's Paul for Everyone - the Prison Epistles. Not a bad read. Rather simple, but contains some heavy insights. A couple are that Christians have inside them the power that God used to raise Jesus. Kinda neat, but kinda humbling at the same time.

Another is that God's plan from the beginning has not been limited to a group of people, but has included every person and the cosmos. That's not a new concept; Scripture generally supports the idea, but comments on Ephesians don't normally point that out.

Easy reading and some good points. Recommended.

Monday Morning 24 January 2005

We are growing an Amarillus this year. Got it from a neighbor and it's been sending up long, green shoots, about four of them over the last couple months. Friday we noticed that what appears to be the bloom stalk has peered over the rough-cut top of the bulb. We wait in anticipation for a six or eight-inch bright red bloom sometime in the next month. Not in time for Christmas, but definitely before Easter. Good enough.

Sunday Evening, 23 January 2005

This is our first foray into BlogWorld, but we're up to it. You will find here writings about a rather eclectic blend of topics. We do not pretend to be experts in anything, but have never let that stop us from offering observations about life. So, here we go....

Between class and our second service this morning, talked with a member who was in Abilene last week and knows folks that were in the SUV accident. That discussion reminded me that when we first heard of the accident, the condition and emotional state of the driver came to mind. So during the second service I wrote a note to the driver. Will have to send it to the hospital since I think that's where she still is.

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